Thursday, 21 July 2011

Make do and mend

As a lady of modest means, I've been pepping up my summer wardrobe with a bit of make, do and mend.  The bag I made from a lightweight denim skirt. The inside is tipped with a piece of vintage bias binding from the lovely Willy.  The blouse has had a bit of a redesign to the sleeves, and the cardigan that was starting to unravel has been tipped with a poppy red cotton binding. Each item received its own tag, a strip of vintage ribbon.

Choosing a button for the bag was the best bit.  It's a long time since I rummaged through my button box and held hands with the ghosts of previous owners and makers.  In there are buttons from my Nana, buttons that my Mum wore on frocks in the fifties and all manner of others, large and small with their own silent stories.

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