Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dora Holzandler Exhibition

Mother and Children in Holland Park

Hepzibah's new baby

Tantric Lovers

One of the highlights of the Easter holidays was our visit to Uppingham to see the exhibition of Dora Holzandler's work at the Goldmark Art Gallery.  Whilst exhibiting at Sock in March, a lady compared one of my memory pieces to the floating figures in Chagall's, and I told her about Dora Holzandler inspiring my work.  Next thing, she was telling me about the Goldmark Art Gallery in Uppingham and their exhibition of Holzandler's work.

Whilst living in London a bought a book about her and her work.  It was about the time that David and I moved in together and I loved the romance of her paintings of lovers. Having recently been to India, the eastern philosophy behind her work and the highly patterned interiors made the work more appealing.  Along the way, through the staging posts of my own marriage and having children, her work captures for me, the joy of the everyday and the celebration of ritual and family.

Still painting in her eighties, her portrait exudes an energy that is full of love and joy.  Stood in front of her paintings, there is that energy in each bush stroke.  The pieces flood your eyes with deep, rich colour.  
I want one!!

The Goldmark Art Gallery is an amazing treasure trove of twentieth century art.   They have a great collection of prints by Ravillious, Bawden, Brangwyn, as well as paintings by John Piper and Christopher Wood.  Contemporary ceramics are on display and a fantastic library of artist books.  Truly inspiring.

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