Friday, 1 April 2011

Opus Gallery Exhibition Catalogue

Here is the work for the exhibition I am having at Opus Gallery in Ashbourne during April.  The first four are my newest pieces, trying to get back some of the mark making and expression that I first had when I started working in this way.  The images are much more 'open' than some of the denser collages I moved onto.

All the work has been created within the last year.

Ashbourne is a lovely Derbyshire market town, very near to Dovedale and perfect for a spring day out.  Hope you can make it.

After the Rain 30cm x 30cm

As the Crow Flies 30cm x 30cm

Night Sky 30cm x 30cm

Passing 30cm x 30cm

Awakening 12cm x 17cm

Day 12cm x 17cm

Around Midnight 12cm x 17cm

Midwinter 12cm x 17cm

Journey in the Rain 30cm x 40cm

Quiet 20cm x 30cm

Arc of Light 17cm x 43cm

Seasons Change 17cm x 43cm

Year's End 17cm x 43cm

Moonlit Copse 17cm x 43cm

Jewelled 17cm x43cm

Daybreak 17cm x 43cm

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