Thursday, 2 December 2010

How exciting!

Derbyshire is covered in a lovely blanket of snow.  School is closed and we've been out with a flask of soup and a good old fashioned toboggan to see the deer at Wollaton Park.

Whilst I was out I nearly sold out of coasters in my Folksy shop!  It's going to take me a week to make some please be patient.

Hope it's snowy and beautiful where you are.  We've just lit the stove and have a bag of chestnuts to roast.  The boys are playing with lego and looking forward to snuggling up with books and a hot chocolate.  I've just got the box of winter books out that I store in the cupboard the rest of the year. 'Poppy Cat's Snowy Day' and 'Oliver's Red Toboggan' are favourites.  Sometimes the world of Soulemama seems a million miles from the chaotic roller coaster of our daily lives, but right now I could give her a run for her money!

Something I wanted to share was this.  Such beautiful piano music....perfect for watching the snow fall.

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