Wednesday, 3 November 2010

All quiet

It's all quiet here as I hold my breath and hope that my ceramics get fired in time for Holmfirth Art Market at the weekend.  It's touch and go and I'll be really disappointed if I can't launch my new idea.  I've had the mantra 'brave dreams' on a post it note on my desk all week......I just hope the universe is smiling on me and everything comes together in time.

Today I'm creating a name sign for my stall, and painting boards.  Tomorrow it's framing.  Keep your fingers crossed that my ceramics get fired in time.  Thanks.


Chloe said...

Hi Helen, I don't think I've commented on your blog before but I just wanted to mention that I've found reading your posts and seeing your work very inspiring :) I'm crossing my fingers that your ceramics will be fired in time!

Helen Hallows said...

Thank you! I might have found a kiln for hire. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can sort it all out. x

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