Monday, 18 October 2010



Looking back at my blog for the last few weeks I realised that it looks like all I've been doing is enjoying the Autumn and galavanting in the sunshine!  Well I have but I've also been working very hard ..... I promise!  It has been lovely to have David at home looking after the children but that has put a lot of pressure on me to succeed in what I'm doing.

I'm diversifying into ceramics and have been sourcing products for transfering my designs onto.  I'm hoping that will be in time for the Christmas markets.

I've also been carrying on with the original artworks ready for gallery drop offs and heading very quickly towards The Art Market at Holmfirth on November 7th.  I've had the stall plan and I'm visualising my shop.

In amongst all that, I've been getting my teeth into being Eco-coordinator at Little Man's school.  This week it's a display for Harvest Festival and an assembly on Climate Change.  My two are loving having Dad around and are helping in the garden where Dad seems to allow a far more hands on approach to life than I normally go in for.  Tools, dirt and wood chopping are now deemed everyday projects for my two and five year olds and Little Man (who is actually the bigger one) has developed a rather too enthusiastic love of starting the fire!   I definitely feel its a boys zone and look forward to collecting "my ladies" in a couple of weeks.

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