Saturday, 30 January 2010


The Thoresby Gallery have been in touch with a request for some work for their Snowdrop exhibition.  A little hesitant at first, a seed of an idea planted itself in my mind's eye and I felt confident that I could create a snowdrop in my own visual language.  I've been watching the slow and gentle changes in our garden, snowdrops peeking out of their tight leaf coats, the last leaves of Autumn resolutely staying put.  I've also been hibernating, watching it all from the warmth of my home, the background to our indoor life.

I looked at the work of some of my favourite artists, Winifred Nicholson, Reg Cartwright, Elaine Pamphilon.  I really like the strong sense of shape in the work of Reg Cartwright, the compositions of Elaine Pamphilon.....and use of text, and the beautiful, spiritual light in Winifred Nicholson's work.

Cloud Cup and Daisies by Elaine Pamphilon
My favourite jugs and a still life.
I love this collage byPicasso.

After the ink drawing I collaged in the shapes.  The colours for the piece came from the Midwinter plate that you can see at the side of the sewing machine.  It belonged to my Dad.

Choosing threads to stitch with.

Sewing on my beloved Elna.

The finished piece.  One Leaf Left.

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